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The issue of home schooling has arisen again in the UK. I foresee this will become a growing boil in the public consciousness. For many, home schooling is an increasingly plausible solution to the current educational turmoil. For other, a source of societal fragmentation.

In an article entitled Schooling ‘does not work for us’, a BBC correspondent lists the reasons why people are turning to home schooling as an alternative to state schools. (I think the title should read, Schools do not work for us. These people aren’t against schooling per se!)

“Special needs, bullying, personal beliefs or dissatisfaction with a particular school offered are all reasons for families choosing to home educate their children.” Listening to the stories of parents and children is enlightening.

The Libertarian argument in favour in non-state education is very strong. I encourage you to read Sean Gabb’s blog called The Libertarian Alliance, Home Education, and Liberty: a strategic perspective for a summary of the material out there. The main arguments are expressed in the aptly titled Home Education: Do It Yourself, Do It Better.

The gist of the argument is that the state has neither the right nor ability to educate children in the values of the parents. And to let the state have our children is to give them over to state indoctrination and subject them to every passing fad of left-wing intellectuals.

But surely teachers are nice, professional people who have only the children’s best interests at heart? Possibly, but they teach what they are told, in the way they are told. Let’s never forget – teachers are the instruments of the state, and therefore of whatever political party is in power.

However, I end on a lighter note. Here is one person’s semi-humorous description of the national curriculum today. Happy (!) reading.

Chemistry = Geology and why we shouldn ‘t mine/ Jolobial Warmin ‘

Physics = Basic math with nice pictures about Jolobial Warmin ‘/how we mustn ‘t use any electricity

Biology = Heathy eating/save the whales/how farmers all cause pollution, all the time, everywhere

English = illitrcy/pretentshoos twiiadle masceradin ‘ az poemz.

Geography = Anthropology/Evil Capitalists dumping illegal waste (everywhere, ‘coz they want to and it ‘s what they have to do)/evil TNCs exploiting WEMs in LEDCs to make globalised goods for consumers in MEDCs

IT = The difference between a keyboard and a Monitor. And how Ness organises the fields of her database of her members at a fitness centre

RE = How peaceful other religions are.

PE = Dont move! You might hurt yourself!/ Fitness programs for disabled lesbians/obese people.

PSHE = Don ‘t go there.

Citzenship = How great the EU and the UN are.

State schooling is ideologically neutral? Don’t make me laugh!

Image credit: colorblindPICASO.