Getting a Job in the Recession #3: Jobs Boards

Updated: 02/04/14

This week, it’s Jobs Boards – how to find a job online. I’ve listed some international sites, along with mostly Ireland and UK sites. And, I’ve included an array of websites that advertise projects for the freelancers among you too, including a few sites where you can add a profile and search projects seeking professionals of all types. I’ve highlighted significant or unusual features in bold. (And, if you send me your suggestions, these will also be added, together with a link to your online profile or website.)

Websites for Jobseekers in Northern Ireland

These websites are almost exclusively for those looking for a job in Northern Ireland.


This site lists jobs available in Northern Ireland. Abacus is on Twitter. (What’s Twitter? If you want a little light reading, try some of these latest posts mentioning Twitter right here on the blog.)

Business First Online

NI magazine website advertising managerial and IT-related


Community NI

Central place for community and volunatary sector training, events, news and jobs in NI. You can also post your own events and jobs free of charge.


Recruitment service for the Northern Ireland marketplace.

Craigslist Belfast

International site for classified-type listings of all types. This Belfast section has a Jobs list. Click a category to see what is available. (Unfortunately many of the jobs listings are polluted with people searching for work, which makes for lots of trawling.)


The Northern Ireland filter generally displays 40-50 jobs. The listings are well worth a look, as they tend to be the more interesting and better-paid posts.


Very similar to Craigslist. (With similar searching problems.)

DEL Jobcentre Online

Small amount of NI jobs listed. Listings are dominated by Sales Occupations and Catering and Hospitality. It also lists a few Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing positions.


This is – in my humble opinion – the best jobs site for Northern Ireland. It looks good, it feels good and it functions good. Jobs are available in multiple categories, and can be filtered in multiple ways: Industry; Salary; Job Role; Date Posted; Recruiter Type and Contract Type. (Also lists jobs in Dublin, Leitrim and Kerry.)


This site lists jobs, which can be filtered by recruiter type, job category, location and keyword. It has a substantial amount of jobs available.

Permanent IT Jobs in NI Feed

This RSS feed is maintained by @andyparkhill. He is also working on a temporary jobs and contracts one.


This listing includes positions in the following categories:

  • Academic Jobs – professorships, lectureships, teaching fellows
  • Professional Support Jobs – professional administration and general management, including specialisms such as IT, finance and personnel, press and PR, qualified librarians
  • Clerical Jobs – clerical officers, secretaries, receptionists, library assistants
  • Research Jobs – research fellows and assistants, knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) associates
  • Technical Jobs – scientific, engineering, medical and computer support technicians
  • Other Jobs – cleaners, caterers, porters, security.


RecruitNI is also on Twitter. (What’s Twitter? If you want a little light reading, try some of these latest posts mentioning Twitter right here on the blog.)


An NI consultancy that ‘specialises in placing high calibre sales professionals‘. (Thanks to @internetsense who sent this in along with a few others.)

University of Ulster

At the time of updating this article (15/07/09), this site contained only nine vacancies, mostly academic.

Websites for Jobseekers in Ireland

These websites are almost exclusively for those looking for a job in Ireland.

CPL Jobs

Website for Irish jobseekers. RSS feeds are available.


Search for jobs in ROI only.

Jobs Ireland

You need to register for this service in order to use it.


730 jobs available at the time of update.

Websites for Jobseekers in the UK

These websites are almost exclusively for those looking for a job in the UK. (They often include Northern Ireland listings.)

Addictive Creatives

This is a very new website and may not be listing many jobs just yet. (May 2011) For recruiters, the cost is low, £3-5 per posting.


“Careerjet is an employment search engine.” It is searchable via multiple industry categories and locations. Thanks to Matthew who sent this one in.

Creative Boom Jobs Board

“All the latest jobs for the Creative Industries.”

CW Jobs

In their own words, ‘The IT Specialist’. (Click here for NI only.)

Job Applications

Find online job applications for jobs in the UK.


UK Jobs listed by region and by county.


“A leading IT and Technical recruitment site we ‘re a great resource for job seekers looking for both contract and permanent roles.” Thanks Helen for submitting this one!

The IT Job Board

As they say themselves, ‘Your future in IT is our job’. You can upload your CV and/or choose to receive jobs by email. It is searchable by keyword.

Twitter Job Finder UK

This public Twitter stream aggregates job alerts from throughout the UK. (There is no indication of what sources are used, so do not assume this lists all UK jobs.) If you want to get these jobs into your inbox, you will have to open a Twitter account. This is free.

Websites for Jobseekers Worldwide

These websites list jobs available worldwide.

37signals Jobs Board

Apple, The New York Times, CNET, Facebook, Adobe, Trek and American Express use this site to search out the ‘best web minds’. It now includes internships


International site for classified-type listings of all types. Choose a city, then click Jobs


This site describes itself as ‘a job board for web pros’. It has permanent and freelance positions. The majority are located in the USA, but some are marked UK or Anywhere/Remote (especially the freelance ones).


This site caters for every searching preference by categorising jobs by industry; location; salary; contract; hours and employer type. It also has a short profile for each of its recruiting employers.


International site for classified-type listings of all types. Choose a city, then click Jobs


‘Krop is a Job Board and career resource website for creative professionals’. In practice, this site lists jobs for Americans. It wouldn’t do any harm to set up an email alert by location though. This is available under the Location and Keyword boxes once you perform a search.


You need to have a profile set up to access this jobs list.

Websites for Freelancers Searching for Projects and Contracts

These sites are typically for those who can work anywhere in the world (unless otherwise indicated). They are mainly, but not exclusively for those who can perform their work online or at least on a computer.


This is a jobs board and social network for freelancers.

Blogger Jobs

Paid (and unpaid!) blogging opportunities. You can post your resume and links to previous work.


“CoderStack was founded by developers who wanted a quality source of software developer jobs.” Thanks to Mark for sending this one in.

New resource – currently for Irish collaborators only. It brings together people with ideas for new projects/busineses with those who have skills in relavant areas.

Contracted Work

Advertises professional jobs for those in the USA only.


Freelance, contract and consulting work in Ireland. (Thanks to Joy Redmond for submitting this one.)

Freelance Supermarket

This website showcases freelance services and advice (on Umbrella organisations for example), including jobs.

Freelance Switch

This site offers seven categories of worldwide freelance projects. Most fall into the online development and design niche. It also has an excellent blog concentrating on the issues surrounding being a freelance worker. Typical job: jQuery Wizard. To save me the trouble, this site also lists The Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites

Freelance UK

Lists of freelance jobs in the following broad categories: Design (Graphic, Web and CAD); Photography; Marketing; Public Relations; Journalism and Copywriting. There is also a reasonably active forum and other pages on running a freelance business: Tax and Legal; Money; Sales/Marketing and Technology.

Freelancer Network

This site has a very useful job (topic and) location dropdown list. You can search via Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK, USA (incuding individual states), Australia and so on. (The Go button to search based on your location preferences is hideously difficult to see. It’s located just right of the skills input box.)

Freelancers in the UK

This website lists the following categories of freelance opportunities in editoritial fields such as proofreadin,g copywriting, editing, rewriting, ghostwriting, journalism, promotional literature, web content and scriptwriting. They have also added Media, IT, Gastronomic, Design, Financial, Heath and Trade.

Freelance Writers

Add your profile and get listed as a freelancer, by area and by service provided. Lists projects and freelance opportunities in multiple areas (Northern Ireland; UK; France; The Netherlands; Turkey; Finland; Singapore; South Africa and the USA).

Get a Freelancer

This site lists projects in multiple categories. You can also add a profile, which is searchable by people with projects who are looking for someone to fulfill certain tasks. They work on an countdown system, so you have only a certain time to apply. The average price offered to complete each project is also listed.


Freelance Writers worldwide marketplace. Paid projects are listed on the Marketplace page. You can also set up a profile, to which all public articles you write are attached. They are based on a writing system, where you can select from suggsted topics and are then rated by other Helium writers. This guide supplies help on how to earn money at Helium. This site might help supplement your writing career (or help you get feedback on your writing), rather than supply a constant stream of work.


Although this site supplies international (and some remote) opportunities, it does list a large number of UK vacancies in two very basic lists: Jobs and Projects.

Push 1 Freelance

Freelance jobs, contracts and projects for creatives and web developers.

The Burry Man Writers Centre

HUGE international resource list of projects, positions (and other resources) for freelance writers of all types.

Recruitment Agencies and Job Sites Directories

Agency Central

Used by recruitment agencies and jobseekers, searched by employers.

Grafton Recruitment

This site lists jobs available in multiple categories, searchable via every county in Ireland. There is a limited amount of information available on international opportunities. You can store you CV for future use and the home page lists recently-added jobs. Grafton Recruitment is also on Twitter

This list will be added to as I get emailed and tweeted additional sites. Please continue to send them in, or add a comment. I’d love to see your favourite jobsites listed here. You’ll even get a mention and a link to your online profile!