Recent research has shown that women with higher levels of emotional intelligence tend to enjoy better sex. I’m only bringing this to your attention because I teach Emotional Intelligence. And I must admit I thought it would make a grabbing title!

While you’re here, it seems an opportune moment to remind you of my 2-day EI workshop on 27-28 May, Emotional Intelligence Goes to Work. I’m running it as part of the Queen’s Univerity CPD programme.

“Workshop description: Emotional Intelligence (EI) is more than a sign of the times or the latest management movement – although it is both. Work has changed to become more personal and pressurised than ever before. There is a recognition that raw brain-power is not enough and never has been. Studies prove that the difference between average and outstanding performers at work lies in the ability to blend IQ with EI. Are you aware of your emotional strengths and how you are perceived by others? Can you handle situations of stress and conflict? Do you possess the ‘master aptitudes ‘ of motivation and resilience? Can you empathise with staff or customers? How is your social adeptness in networking scenarios? Is your leadership an inspiration or an impediment? These learnable skills – covered in this workshop – are vital and valued in the new world of work.”

You’re probably reading this blurb and wondering where the sex went! Well, while I do believe in mixing business with pleasure, there are limits, even for me…

To book a place, phone Marc Forte at the School of Education (Short Courses Programmes) on 028 9097 5260 or email