Why Your Customer Service Strategy Needs a Hulk Smash!

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is more than a sign of the times or the latest management movement – although it is both. Next week, I will be delivering a workshop at QUB on EI. This is an outline of what we will be considering.

Work has changed to become more personal and pressurised than ever before. There is a recognition that raw brain-power is not enough and never has been.

Studies prove that the difference between average and outstanding performers at work lies in the ability to blend IQ with EI.

  • Are you aware of your emotional strengths and how you are perceived by others?
  • Can you handle situations of stress and conflict?
  • Do you possess the ‘master aptitudes ‘ of motivation and resilience?
  • Can you empathise with staff or customers? How is your social adeptness in networking scenarios?
  • Is your leadership an inspiration or an impediment?
  • These learnable skills – covered in this workshop – are vital and valued in the new world of work.

To book a place, contact Marc Forte at the School of Education (Short Courses Programmes) on 028 9097 5260 or email cpd@qub.ac.uk.

Image credit: eneas.