Difference Between There

This week, I came across the Facebook page of someone offering marketing solutions. On that page, I found more than one example of basic grammar errors, something we all learned how to spot and correct at primary school, and then later, learning languages.

If you’re one of those people whose school, or parents, did not teach you the basis, then you will find the quick guide useful.


This word can be used in relation to a place, matter or interjection.

  • The university is over there.
  • There is where I disagree with your argument.
  • There it is!


This word is used to show ownership, or when speaking about an indefinite third party).

  • Their cars have been sitting in the carpark all night.
  • Anyone in their right mind would never say such a thing!


This word is used only when you want to contract (shorten) this phrase: they are.

  • They’re so pleased with the results of the test.
  • They’re coming over for lunch at 12:30.

In summary

  • There are many people who would say this is important, and is a simple matter of learning.
  • Their opinion may offend those of you who find grammar confusing.
  • They’re right on one point, though. It is important.

Poor grammar makes your website look thrown together at best. At worst, it gives the impression of a lack of basic educational skills. And, if potential customers cannot trust you to use correct grammar, how will they trust you to deliver a good product, especially when you deliver any of the following:

  • Marketing Services (including emailing potential customers)
  • Copywriting Services
  • Sales Training (including written scripts)

Yes, I know the odd typo slips through. But, when someone gets these types of errors wrong repeatedly, it speaks of a deeper, and less easily fixed, problem than carelessness. What vibe does your website evoke?

Image credit: tracyhunter.