Customer Experience Management Workshop


Recent research confirms that customer loyalty is more a result of how customers feel about doing business with you, rather than what they think about your products or services in a detached way.

Businesses that provide satisfying service gain their customers’ loyalty in the form of repeat business and referrals, the ‘holy grail’ of customer service. The most successful companies achieve this goal by managing the total customer experience.

The name of this new thinking is Customer Experience Management (CEM). CEM is concerned with planning how you will not only meet, but exceed, both the rational and emotional needs of your customers.

In this workshop (24/03/10) you will gain an understanding of the building-blocks of a satisfying customer experience and create interactions that turn average customers into your campaigners.

Speaker: Allen Baird

To book a place, phone the School of Education (Open Learning) on 028 9097 3539/3323 or email

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