Productivity Hacks for Lazy Bludgers

This is a series of productivity hacks for lazy people, helping them harness their laziness in order to become more productive. It won’t help lazy people overcome their laziness. Instead, it all about how to view […]


A Guide to Writing Better Business Documentation

This guide to writing better business documentation is based on our experience of project managing and writing lots of different types of business documentation for clients.


How to Repurpose a Video as a Blog Post

Learn how to repurpose a video as a blog post, to maximise the exposure to your great content.


What Are the Main Reasons for Project Failure?

There can be many reasons for project failure. Here is a list of things that need considered when planning projects, for the sake of a smooth, efficient project. Of course, surprises will temporarily derail everyone’s sense […]


Why is Emotional Intelligence Important in Project Management?

Project management is the process by which teams are led to achieve goals within certain constraints. The details of the project goal are called its scope or specification (‘spec’). The main constrains of the project in […]


Remote Team Collaboration Software

What team collaboration software do you use? If you’ve recently been forced into remote working, or considering how you can manage your team remotely for the foreseeable future, this blog will help you navigate. Remote working […]


Remote Working is Working

Due to the C-19 pandemic, organisations, who never imagined their staff could work effectively away from the workplace, were now being put in a position where they had no choice but to allow their staff to work from home. This has meant the shift towards remote working has been phenomenal!


What is Asynchronous Working?

Asynchronous working is where teamwork and communication do not occur at the same time.


7 Things I’ve Learned from Workplace Bullying

While most of you may not agree, assertiveness, in the face of workplace bullying and other types of aggression, is a skill we all have in common from the day we are born – in my […]


14 Blogs on Business Writing

Did you know that although today is World Book Day, its proper name is World Book and Copyright Day? We recently gathered together 14 blog posts on assertive communication that we’ve written over the years. This […]


15 Blogs on Networking

Here are some blog posts we’ve published on how to get the best out of the many networking opportunities available in the business world. Attending a Network Meeting Take the Work out of Networking 5 Ways […]


Five Things Never to do at a Networking Meeting

Who says tradition is out? OK, I have my digital camera. I love email. I’m an avid blog reader. I know what the credit crunch is. I’m even following the American election trail, via Twitter (only […]

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