Business Networking for Women in NI


Last night, I attended Women on the Move‘s networking event, with Liz Weir as the speaker. Liz delivered a fascinating talk entitled Storytelling – A Vital Business Communication Tool. Liz is also speaking at our Storytelling, Business and Innovation event which you can read more about here. The two concepts that captured my imagination during the talk were memory and emotions.


Liz explained how stories are incredible memory devices. She reminded us that in our country, we have a disappearing oral tradition, where stories have been passed from generation to generation, and how yarn-spinners are great entertainers, often without knowing it. And, we remember. She challenged us to think of good and bad customer service experiences and how we always relate them to several friend and business contacts. Now, that happens not only in person, but online. It was a challenge to think what stories might competitors or customers might be telling about us. And, encouraging, in that a good customer service story about the experience we offer to our customers could travel far.


Liz also spoke about how stories, of all kinds, often evoke emotions. She was adamant that if not, then either the story or the storyteller was at fault. This set my thoughts in motion about previous sales seminars, where we are generally told that a sale is an emotional decision. If that could be connected to a story, then perhaps people would remember and take action when they needed a certain product. A story is connected to the emotion, and that is what is brought to the fore, when a story is told or recalled. Fascinating stuff, when you think of the power of stories, as an essential business tool!

It was also great to catch up with other organisers and members of Women on the Move, who now have a new Facebook Page.