Business and Professional Writers in Northern Ireland

ScribeTribe is a Business and Professional Writers’ Network that will launch in Northern Ireland in March 2011. The facilitator is Dawn Baird, Partner in Sensei Learning and Performance.
It will be of interest to anyone who writes for a living, whether freelance, running their own business or employed. And, it would also appeal to anyone who writes as a large part of their job.


The format is open for discussion, as we want to establish an event that will meet the need. However, the launch (08 March) and first few meetings of the network will take the following format:

  1. Food/Networking
  2. Introduction
  3. Seminar by an experienced peer
  4. Discussion/Questions
  5. Networking

Note that on the same night, in the same venue, a parallel event will take place, BookCamp, which will start and conclude at the same time. Before and after both events, there is a joint opportunity for networking with other NI professionals.

Who is it for?

We envisage that the following types of professionals will find the network valuable:

  • Copywriters, Proofreaders and Editors
  • Web Content Writers
  • Article Writers
  • Researchers and Academic Writers
  • Technical Writers
  • Indexers
  • Tender Writers
  • Funding and Grant Application Writers
  • Writers of Press Releases
  • PR Professionals

Aims and Benefits for Members

Networking (meeting with other professionals)

Professional Development (through peer learning from experienced member speakers delivering talks on a range of requested topics)

Sourcing (liaising with potential clients, and those who can supply referrals)


We are currently looking out for voluntary speakers for our monthly events. This experience will help raise your profile in the professional community in which you work and share your expertise with other professionals. You are not charged for any night on which you speak.

Would this be something you ‘d be interested in doing? If so, get in touch.

Here are some suggested topics:

  1. What struggles do you have as a sole writer in an office of non-writers?
  2. Or, as a freelancer, do you find it difficult to get in touch with potential clients?
  3. Is there a style of writing you ‘d like more experience in?
  4. Are there writing projects in which you need guidance?
  5. What common questions and issues arise when approaching certain types of documentation?
  6. Are there any online tools or websites to help with creating templates?

We are totally open to requested topics, and to suggestions from suitably experienced writers. Email us at with your name, suggested topic, brief outline and contact details. It would also be helpful to know which month you’d be free to speak. Please enter “ScribeTribe Speaker” in the Subject line.

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