As our regulars will know, Sensei does a fair amount of work with The Queen’s University of Belfast. We work with The School of Education, designing and delivering courses for the Open Learning and Continuing Professional Development programmes. The Queen’s academic year is divided up into three terms – Autumn, New Year, and Spring. You can see from the OL brochure that Dawn and I have courses running for the first two terms.

I got a letter from QUB a few days ago to remind me that they are currently receiving proposals now for the Spring programme. I’ve a few ideas already, but then I had a better one.

Why don’t YOU tell me what course you’d like me to design and deliver for the OL programme?

So, let’s hear all those suggestions. Come on, there must be some idea for a course in the back of your mind. You know, the one you’ve always thought, ‘Well, if they’d do that, then I might just give up a Saturday or weekday night to attend.’.

For instance, during the latest Borat film, our favourite Kazakh journalist went to some American guru to teach him how to be funny. (This mostly consisted in saying ‘Not’ after some remark, which wasn’t in itself that funny.) But anyway, the teacher in me pounced on the idea. Why doesn’t someone teach a course like this over here? Which explains my 1-day workshop in March 2009 called The Power of Humour: How to be Funny.

By the way, if you feel that you would like to propose a course to deliver yourself, click here to find the Guidance Notes, Selection Criteria, and Proposal Application Form. You’ve got until Friday 21 November…