Public Sector Tenders Northern Ireland

Do you ever wonder: Where can I find tenders in Northern Ireland (and beyond)? Check our list. If we’re missed anything out, let us know. Or, get in touch for help with sourcing, planning, writing and […]


Things to Stop Doing in 2015

Any New Year Resolutions, Dawn? It ‘s almost as bad as being asked if you ‘ve all your Christmas shopping done yet eight weeks before the day. The answer is generally no. I don ‘t believe […]


Giving It Away

Updated: 14/08/14 Recently, we’ve encountered several “opportunities”: Deliver a one hour seminar for no financial renumeration, just “a great PR opportunity” and “padding for your CV” (despite the fact we rarely use CVs, not having been […]


Hot-desking & Co-working NI

Update 17/08/15 We now maintain this list over on WabiSabi. Click for an updated version. Email us if you would like your space added or you know of somewhere we’ve left off the list. This blog […]


What is WabiSabi?

WabiSabi is a new venture from Sensei. We’re exploring the demand for a new coworking community and space in Northern Ireland. Join WabiSabi on Facebook Join WabiSabi on Twitter Join us at an Event What is […]


Safeguarding Children Online

Parents, guardians, teachers, youth workers, healthcare professionals and others who have responsibilities for safeguarding children online are often flummoxed when it comes to the web. Do you feel lost, left behind and clueless? Are you frightened […]


Getting a Job in the Recession #3: Jobs Boards

Updated: 02/04/14 This week, it’s Jobs Boards – how to find a job online. I’ve listed some international sites, along with mostly Ireland and UK sites. And, I’ve included an array of websites that advertise projects […]


Why Belfast Hour Works

Update 21/10/14: #belfasthour Meetup and Official Launch is on 27/10/14 I’m in love. (No, not Allen. Well, OK.) With #belfasthour. What is #belfasthour? Belfast Hour is a Twitter Chat It’s a chat on Twitter. Fooled you […]


Not The Apprentice?!

Every year, we sit down to subject ourselves to be entertained by The Apprentice candidates’ overstuffed personal introduction videos. This is my advice to the candidates having watched episodes 1 and 2. Learn the difference between […]



We’re delighted to be involved in this year’s CultureTECH programme. Specifically, we’re helping train 1000 Digital Champions. The campaign has been developed in support of the Go ON NI initiative which seeks to address the lack […]


Business Funding in Ireland

Have you ever felt that funding was only available for the bigger guys? Or, are you too big to qualify? Have you ever wished all programmes for micro-enterprises were available to those over the grand old […]


Potential Co-working Spaces In Northern Ireland

While searching for co-working spaces in Northern Ireland, I’ve come across some spaces with great potential. Having covered a completely useless but fascinating few modules of Byzantine art and architecture at university, for me, the ideal […]

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