Apostrophe Atrophy

It can make a grown man cower in his Calvin Kleins. It can make a grown woman shiver in her Manolo Blahniks. Yet, it’s no bigger than a pinhead. What am I talking about? The apostrophe. […]


A Dangerous Happiness

For believe me: the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment is to live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships into uncharted seas! Friedrich Nietzsche, […]


Contract Technical Writers versus Employed Technical Writers

You’ve posted an advertisement for a full-time technical writer. The financial advantages seem to make sense. Why hire a contract technical writer at hundreds of pound per day when you can employ a technical writer for […]


Northern Ireland Twitter Hours

There are a huge number of business-focused Twitter hours in Northern Ireland. Briefly, a Twitter hour is an online networking session organised at a specific time. Organisers post to get things going sometimes there is a […]


Women’s Business Networks in Northern Ireland

Having heard about women’s networks in NI and looked up a few online, I soon began to feel a little confused (like some others I spoke to), due to the similarities in names. Below, I have […]


Beyond the Glass Ceiling (Women’s Event)

There are many business workshops and training events that are designed for businesswomen. Have you noticed how they tend to cover the same sort of themes? Conflict management skills for women. Assertive communication skills for women. […]


How to Work with a Technical Writer

Having worked as a Technical Writer both for an employer and as a contract consultant, I have a thing or two to say. 😉 What to Look For Select someone with experience writing – there is […]


WordCamp Belfast 2016 #WCBelfast

WordCamp is a conference for everyone from WordPress enthusiasts to professional developers. It is designed to promote learning, connect people from across the world and share ideas and success stories. Even before we got in the […]


5 Ways Introverts Can Excel at Networking

My name is Dawn Baird, and I ‘m an introvert. I would even say, an extreme introvert. Where did this first manifest itself? School that place of daily torture for those who aren’t sporty, arty, academic, […]


How to Write Tenders

You could say that we have a little form when it comes to writing tenders. We look for them and find them. We read them. We decide whether they’re worth our time. We sift and sift. […]


Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

On 11 August at 10:30 am, I ‘ll deliver a free mini-workshop: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs. This topic hasn ‘t received much attention, despite the fact that its two constituent parts mental health and entrepreneurship certainly […]


How to Run a Twitter Hour

I’ve participated in many Twitter hours. Some are local. Some are niche (and often international). All do things differently. Here are the key things to think about when planning, establishing and refining a Twitter hour. Based […]

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