Training as Initiation #1

There’s a thought that’s been fluttering around in my head for a few months about why training for professional and personal development often seems to lack the potency we might wish.


Never Mind the Three Rs – What About The Three Cs?

So I ‘m sick to death of hearing about the golden age of learning when pupils were taught the ‘3 R ‘s ‘ of reading, writing and arithmetic even though only one of them starts with […]


Teach Skills, Not Subjects!

The title to this blog has been my personal mantra for many a year now. It started as a suspicion in the back of my mind as I pondered my own wasted school experience. But now […]


Is Talking About Blogging Taking Over My Life?

With The Slugger Awards 2008 happening in Belfast in a few hours, I’ve been wondering… Why this interest in Blogging? Why is it so popular just now? I had a call last week from an NI […]


Small Words, Big Impact

We listen to lots of speakers, trainers, coaches writers and managers. Many of them use big words, business jargon and technical jargon to impress or bamboozle their audience. This blog post looks at the small, everyday […]


A Lexicon for Business Writers

May is Get Caught Reading Month. We’re focusing our attention on the art of writing for business, something we both do and teach. Here is a list of the words and phrases that anyone who writes […]


Words at Work

Did you know that May is Get Caught Reading Month? In honour of this great event, I want to highlight a few helpful business writing trends that impact everyone who writes in this context. I will […]


How to Write Customer Personas

Customer Personas are funny things. Like lots of professional documentation, and immediately filed under Forgotten. If imprecise or dated, they can restrict and mislead your people, everyone from PR, marketing, website developers, copywriters. What is a […]


8 Essential Online Resources for Technical Writers

Here are my top resources for those of you making a living out of technical writing. Some are also of use to anyone who writes in any style for a living. First though… What Is a […]


The True Cost of Training

Training is like an iceberg. Only one-tenth of the volume of an iceberg appears visible above the water. So it is with a training event. The actual bit that people see, the training day itself, is […]


The 8 Worst Written Business Phrases of All Time

This is a unprovoked and no-mercy-spared attack on the perceived right of ordinarily sane, everyday individuals (such as middle managers and project co-ordinators) to morph into corporate executives with a mouth full of marble-shaped glass paperweights […]


Bungle and Zippy Were Right

This week, a friendly colleague sent me links to what he thought might be two new competitors for us. I admit it’s been some time since I did any market research on what the competitors are […]

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