Power to the People

As a trainer and consultant, I’ve come across many different models for giving power to the people in a workplace. Some paint a big picture of power throughout society or over time. They are relevant because […]


Politics At Work

The discovery that Emotional Intelligence is real and can be learned has produced political issues. At first, there was Social Intelligence, and then, Cultural Intelligence. Now, there is also Political Intelligence (PI). What is it and […]


Can You Learn Emotional Intelligence?

Either you ‘re smart or you ‘re not. That ‘s how most people think. You are born with a certain brain and, like your height or the colour of your eyes, there isn ‘t much that […]


How to Make Others Trust You

I can personally vouch for three methods. They work. And it ‘s a good job they do too. We could accomplish little in life without trust. Trust is the glue that binds us together. Self-disclosure I […]


Determined to be Depressed?

By ‘determined’ I don’t mean single-minded in your resolution to paint it black. I mean genetically determined. That’s the news anyway. Scientists have found a link between your genes and your ability to produce a brain […]


18 Ways of Motivating and Managing Remote Teams

Why bother managing remote teams at all? Remote teamwork brings its own motivation. Performing your tasks from your home, a caf√© or the beach what ‘s not to like? Any supervisory role isn ‘t so much […]


How to Help Remote Team Members Stay Connected and Productive

Remote working is great right? But do you know how to help remote team members stay connected? Building a remote team helps companies to cut office costs and find talented staff, letting employers recruit from a […]


The Business Case for Remote Teams

The business case for remote working is often made in terms of benefits to workers. But what about benefits for the employers, companies and organisations that use remote teams? What’s in it for them, in basic, […]


14 Blog Posts on Assertive Communication

We’ve blogged on the topic of assertive communication for many years, as well as taught courses and led workshops on it. Assertiveness has the power to challenge our thinking at a deep level, and change our […]


Bully Karma

We’re launching a new Facebook community for all those who’re being bullied at work to provide support and to help share Assertiveness tactics. Our new community is called Bully Karma. It’s a supportive Facebook Group for […]


File the Harassment Policy Under Jokes, Sweetheart

I’m mad. Once in a while (OK, more than once in a while) something really riles me. This week, a report stated that Northern Ireland universities are among the worst in the UK for bullying among […]


Assertive Body Language

Assertiveness is the skill of direct, open communication. There is a psychological side of assertiveness that focuses on our emotional detachment and self-management. And there are a set of specific assertiveness techniques that help you to […]

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