Beyond Throwing Sheep


Right about now, we’re mid-way through either a bacon roll, a scone, a croissant and jam, or my presentation at our Social Media Business Breakfast… pity you missed it!

Social Media gets a sometimes deservedly bad press, for things such as the ability to “throw sheep” on Facebook, for example, which seems an almighty waste of time, for people who’re busy. I agree. So, I’m planning a new public workshop on social media and business. There will be no throwing sheep, or playing games, such as Mafia Wars. If you want to get into all that, great. But, my guess is that most businesses owners and managers don’t have time for games during work.

I want it to be very practical, in that you learn lots during the day and go home with profiles or blogs or whatever already working. Despite the title of this blog (which may become the name of the workshop), I’ve not yet decided what to call it… because I’m not sure what it will be.

  • Would you attend such an event?
  • What would you like to see covered?
  • Any thoughts on format?
  • How long? Full day? Half day?
  • Cover lots? Or, shorter workshops to cover one topic only, such as Twitter or Facebook, podcasting, blogging?
  • Or, would you prefer some more seminars/talks/breakfasts on policy, markeing, networking, market research, competitors or analytics for example?

It’s likely that I’ll get others involved to deliver such workshops. So, if you’re interested in that and have experience of using these tools in a business setting, or have some speaking or training experience, get in touch too.

Please add your answers in a comment below. I’d be delighted to design a workshop or seminar around you and your business needs. Alternatively, please email me at with your thoughts.