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Allen Baird PhD,

Allen is a trainer, writer and speaker from Northern Ireland. Professional influences? The work of Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Personal influences? Joseph Campbell and Nietzsche. Favourite business type books? Anything by Daniel Pink or Robert Greene. Major dislikes? Name dropping.

Productivity Hacks for Lazy Bludgers

This is a series of productivity hacks for lazy people, helping them harness their laziness in order to become more productive. It won’t help lazy people overcome their laziness. Instead, it all about how to view […]


How to Repurpose a Video as a Blog Post

Learn how to repurpose a video as a blog post, to maximise the exposure to your great content.


Why is Emotional Intelligence Important in Project Management?

Project management is the process by which teams are led to achieve goals within certain constraints. The details of the project goal are called its scope or specification (‘spec’). The main constrains of the project in […]


What is Asynchronous Working?

Asynchronous working is where teamwork and communication do not occur at the same time.


14 Blogs on Business Writing

Did you know that although today is World Book Day, its proper name is World Book and Copyright Day? We recently gathered together 14 blog posts on assertive communication that we’ve written over the years. This […]


15 Blogs on Networking

Here are some blog posts we’ve published on how to get the best out of the many networking opportunities available in the business world. Attending a Network Meeting Take the Work out of Networking 5 Ways […]


Assertive Leadership

Assertive leadership is often identified as the one skill leaders need to work on. Not only is it an important trait in itself, enabling leaders to communicate effectively and maintain boundaries. Assertiveness also serves as a […]


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Writers and researchers on emotional intelligence and leadership sometimes use the phrase primal leadership to describe their view on the place of emotion in a leader’s role. This seems like a weird word to use. Primal […]


Power to the People

As a trainer and consultant, I’ve come across many different models for giving power to the people in a workplace. Some paint a big picture of power throughout society or over time. They are relevant because […]


Politics At Work

The discovery that Emotional Intelligence is real and can be learned has produced political issues. At first, there was Social Intelligence, and then, Cultural Intelligence. Now, there is also Political Intelligence (PI). What is it and […]


Can You Learn Emotional Intelligence?

Either you ‘re smart or you ‘re not. That ‘s how most people think. You are born with a certain brain and, like your height or the colour of your eyes, there isn ‘t much that […]


How to Make Others Trust You

I can personally vouch for three methods. They work. And it ‘s a good job they do too. We could accomplish little in life without trust. Trust is the glue that binds us together. Self-disclosure I […]

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