I Love It When An Archetype Comes Together #2

Darn it but I loved The A-Team as a boy! For me, this was the film of the summer. Reviews have been mixed. This reflects my own judgment of the final product. But as a concept it still has class!

In a venture like this, casting is everything, more important than plot or even dialogue. They had to look and feel the part, they had to have that chemistry of camaraderie that gave The A-Team its magic. IMHO the movie has it in spades, perhaps even more than the original TV series. Team-bonding and teamwork are the heart of the matter. And the four guys made us believe that they belonged together, fought together, and would happily have died together. Slam-dunk right there!

Issues? Too much emphasis on Faceman. He is a quarter of the whole but the movie made him more, even allowing him to usurp Hannibal’s role as planner at the end. Too much unnecessary swearing for me. If you’re going to shoot it as a movie for adults, then make it an 18 and be done with it. And the main bad-guy – Agent Lynch – was cartoonish and grating in the extreme, two parts frat-boy and one part politician.

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