14 Blogs on Business Writing

Did you know that although today is World Book Day, its proper name is World Book and Copyright Day?

We recently gathered together 14 blog posts on assertive communication that we’ve written over the years. This is a similar sort catchall of blog on another topic close to the heart of Sensei: effective business writing.

What is Business Writing?

Words at Work
How does business writing differ from other forms of writing, and what does yours says about your organisation?

Business Writing Guidance

A Lexicon for Business Writers
What are the basic words, phrases and concepts that anyone who writes for business purposes needs to know?

Big Words, Bad Business
Do complex sentences and large words always impress in the corporate world?

Foolish Language, Foolish Thoughts
What advice would the great English novelist George Orwell give a lowly business writer?

5 Steps Toward Professional Copywriting
If you post professional content on the internet, or elsewhere, what do you need to consider?

Business Writing Gone Wrong

The 8 Worst Written Business Phrases of All Time
Which frequently used phrases are the death of good business writing?

The Ten Worst Business Phrases of All Time
Are there clich’s that you should avoid like the plague in all your written and spoken business communications?

Business Grammar

Difference Between There, Their and They ‘re
What are the rules for avoiding this basic grammatical confusion?

Apostrophe Atrophy
What in the (business) world are apostrophes actually good for?

Technical Writing

8 Essential Online Resources for Technical Writers
What is a technical writer and what online resources can help them (and other sorts of business writers) in their work?

How to Work with a Technical Writer
What should you look for in a technical writer and how can your company get the most out of their expert?

Specialist Business Documents

How to Write Tenders
Where do you find tenders and what does tender terminology mean?

Getting a Job in the Recession #4: The Covering Letter
How should you write and format the important covering letter that accompanies your CV?

How to Write Customer Personas
What is a customer persona and why do you need one?

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